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Welcome to Crabby Wikipedia, the first of it's kind.

This wiki is dedicated to all things crab related but mainly focused on land hermit crabs. To locate something in our wiki you can use one of three methods. The most common being by searching. The Find box is in the upper left hand corner after you have logged in. You can search the Entire Site, Pages, Blogs or Blog Posts. Second is browsing by Category by clicking Categories in the General Navigation menu. Third is by viewing the pages in list form by clicking List Pages

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WhizKidsMom, 17:28 CST, Tue 01 of Jan., 2013: Happy 2013
ladybug15057, 15:37 CDT, Tue 19 of June, 2012: How time flies! June 17th was our 12 year hermit crab anniversary! Yepper, same hermit crabs too!!
ladybug15057, 16:01 CDT, Mon 28 of May, 2012: WOW has it been super hot and humid the last few days....
ladybug15057, 11:18 CDT, Thu 29 of Mar., 2012: Please visit Crab Street, but be advised an e-mail will need to be replied to for membership activation.... Zero SPAM Tolerance.
ladybug15057, 11:17 CDT, Thu 29 of Mar., 2012: Due to an over abundance of spam member registrations, registrations will be closed.