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bedhedcrab wrote:
Posted on: 2008/9/15 11:17
I just wanted to pass on information my Herp guy warned me about.

He said to not use any Exo-terra Repti Glo bulbs ABOVE the 2.0 bulbs for my hermit crabs. The 2.0 is for terrarium use - animals that get sun, but spend time in filtered sunlight.

He had a customer who had a 3,000.00 set-up for his poision dart frogs, and was using the 5.0 lamps. His frogs started forming blisters on their skin, and he lost over 500.00 worth of his frogs. It turns out they were getting sun burnt!!!

Exo-terra contacted the reps, who then contacted their constomers warning them that the bulbs were stronger than they even realized!

In one way, this is good news. Past spectrum bulbs have been iffy when it comes to true UVA/UVB - Kelvin rating and true color wavelenght.

Reef tank lighting is the exception, but that is for coral only.

So PLEASE err on the side of caution! Do not go higher until land hermit crab needs are better understood!

I\'m also very glad to hear people are seeing THE LIGHT, lol.
Most living creatures need light - and it used in many ways depending on the creature.

I would really like to see this open up for discussion in regards to hermit crabs - as they do get some strong sun exposure at times, yet are usually nocturnal or spend time covered during the light of day.

I have often wondered how this would affect the whole pre-molt process, and the post molt. I\'ve read they need Vitamin D for the molting process, but it is little understood HOW they use it.
Also, is there a difference in needs for different Land Hermit crabs. Do the more terrestrial species need less? Do the more marine crabs need more? Such as Straws?

Anyway, I would love to hear from someone who has actually seen them in their natural habitat, or has had access to full studies. I cannot pay 14.00 for a full article! I would love to, lol.

I\'m pretty bad about checking my mail, but I will try to check in each day and see what you guys think. I would love to add more light than my 26watt Repti Glo 2.0, but do plan to add MORE flourescent 2.0 as my budget will allow. Flourescents give off little heat. So be sure to provide incandescent low wattage bulbs for heat. If it is not enough - you can always go up in wattage. Also remember the heat output will dry up humidity, so you will need to compensate.

Sombody shoot me for long posts! Sorry, I wish I could actually have a REAL conversation instead of my monologues.

ladybug15057 wrote:

Interesting thread Cleo, and I too have been doing a bit of reading since May this year regarding different lightings that are used with reptiles. With the U.S. going into fall and soon winter where many crabbers are going to need to boost the heat within their tanks, this sounds like a good topic to revisit.
So far we do know that for health reasons hermies should have a night and day cycle to their lives. Unknown area is to what extent of UVA/UVB rays they should have in their daily lives? Hermies in the wild are usually nocturnal, but this is mainly said to be to seek shelter from the hot sun, to prevent dehydration, as well as seeking shelter from many predators. However, on occasions in the wild they are also seen scooting about during the day, and many times after a rain as well.
Most from what I have read are the high outputted desert type lamps that are creating most problems with both those reptiles who do not normally bask in sunlight, as well as those who do bask in sunlight. It is with those who are exposed to high UVB lamps´┐Ż.certain types of the high mercury vapor lamps. The ones I have read about effect the eyes, eye lids and cause small lesions on the reptiles that resemble burns that are caused by ultraviolet radiation. These concerns first began with turtles, but has also since been noted with other reptiles as well.
The lamps I have read about include: ZooMed? reptisun 10.0 and 5.0 compact lamps, Big Apple Herpetological Mystic lamps, and R-Zilla? desert 50 series lamps. (there maybe more as well?)
May I ask you to share where you can get a full article for $14?
Does your herp man do any researching or experimenting with land hermit crabs? (or any contacts who do?)

P.S. As for the long posts, sometimes one needs to do so, more info is usually better than not enough.

Lette wrote:

This is a subject I am also interested in because I now realize the placement of my tanks are at the back of the house close to french doors, but the decks are on the 2nd floor. The sun hits the front of the house most of the day. So It really only gets filtered lite during the day. Sounds crazy, but would just turning a lamp on in the room during the day help w/this cycle or do I need to recreate articial sun for molting? I too will help look into this. Lette

bedhedcrab wrote:

Funny you should bring this up. I have been googling all day. My brain is fried to bits. I curse Jstor! They give you a taste. I actually was considering buying the article, but it would not let me do that.

Let me find the article again. I found something else you might find interesting, but it has to do with marine crabs and how they shed heavy metals out of their exo\'s...I will give you the link. Interesting read.

As far as the lamps, yes, it seems from what you have written about other brands - they come in 2.0, 5.0, and 10.00. Mine is 2.0 26watt compact. That would appear neglible, but at the same time, they\'ve come a long way.

No, my herp guy is a dud for hermit crabs. Other than Tarantula\'s (which I just read do better with a UVA/UVB in terms of behavior and color. Don\'t ask me where I read that. It might have been an advert, but I dont save those.) ...he is busy busy with reptiles. He probably has to augment himself with special herp lights.

If I don\'t post it tonight, I will get it to you tomorrow, K? I\'m really tired and my eyes hurt (stepped on glasses)

Actually, it is nice to chat with someone who is willing to entertain ideas. I even saved one on what and why chemical cues (peptide stuff) affect gravid hermit crabs to carry and release eggs. It is over my head, but it does explain why it is difficult to raise hermit crabs, as well as, the larval behavior which is affected by many many things.

Okay, babbling....I will get it to ya.

Night, and no pacing! LOL, just kidding. I think it\'s wonderful that you have done such a good job with your crabs...the proof is in the age of your guys.

bedhedcrab wrote:

Hey Lette,
LOL, yes, please do! I googled circadian sun, and I THINK I saw something about celestial migration...which makes me wonder what role night cycles play. Maybe even more?

I'm just tired.

I will put everything I have read today. Here.

I have others but I bet they have already been read.

Sweet dreams guys

Update added March 10, 2011

This post is a bit on the older side, but nonetheless about lights being used on crabitats so thought I would post this information within this thread:


Important News: 18 March 2010

ReptileUV MegaRay?, T-Rex? Active UV Heat Flood and Komodo UV-Sun
mercury vapour lamps

ReptileUV, T-Rex? and Komodo have advised that there has been a problem with certain batches of these lamps, all produced by Westron of Canada, since October 2009.

If you have purchased ANY lamp from the ReptileUV MegaRay? Series, T-Rex? Active UV Heat Series or Komodo UV-Sun since October 2009 please read this
Quote ended

This was posted March 2010 but still stands...

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