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Thu Apr 27, 2006
I bought a jar of Natural Baby food. Pears and Banana's, I mixed in some baby rice cereal. My PP's gobbled it up like it was candy. My E's enjoyed it too, just not as much. The jar says you can only keep the jar for 3 days. Well to solve a wasteful situation, I decided to freeze dime size portions. Here's how I did this. I dropped dime size portions of food onto a candy tray (like you find in a chocolate box). Then freeze it. After it is frozen I turned the tray over and popped the drops loose. Then I wrapped each with scranwrap and bagged. Back to the freezer! So now when I want to serve it, I just pop one out of the freezer. When it flaws, I will mix the rice cereal in and serve!

That's a great idea! I have a tray for mini ice cubes that would be perfect for this. Do you serve it lukewarm or cold?

I used one made for under a year. I mixed the rice cereal in so it's not so messy (runny). I may try the toddlers formula just because it is thicker.
I just started small to make sure it was worth it.

I don't know much about baby food so this may seem like silly question. Does the rice cereal come pre-made or do you have mix a dy substance with water? Or did you mix it directly with the jarred baby food?

As I recall... the rice is dry. And since the babyfood is runny you probably wanna mix it right in so it will absorb some of the moisture and thicken it up.

Baby rice cereal comes in a box. I feed just dry rice cereal, that they enjoy.
I also mix it with the baby jar food too. Tonight I am serving turkey and sweet potato mixed with the rice cereal.

no i mean the babyfood in the jars. when you freeze that how long is it good. not the rice cereal. some foods you can only freeze for so long. i just have 2 hermies, that is why i ask.

I was answering humjewharmony's question about the rice cereal.
As to how long you can freeze them for.... I am only guessing but I think maybe up to 3 months, to be on the safe side. Sorry I didn't answer your question about time earlier.

I tried the baby food.... organice beef and veg w/rice for toddlers... they havent really touched it.... perhaps its too wet tho, i didnt do the rice cereal bit//// might try again tonight.

I served mine turkey and sweet potato mixed with the rice cereal and only a little was eaten. I'll feed it again, some just take a little while to get used to new foods. They loved the Bananas and peach, ate all of it by morning. It was like candy to them. I think the fruits will be the biggest hits!

one liked the banana and rice cereal the other liked chicken and rice cereal. i guess they have their preferences like we do. my 10 yr old son got a kick out of feeding babyfood to the hermies

I just got a small jar of banana oatmeal peach organic baby food and the rice cereal today at the grocery store, and picked out a few crabbies to try it out on. One at a time, I took four of my kids out and held them in front of the plastic spoon I mixed it with, and all of them loved it. My strawberry was slopping it up so fast I thought it was going to start dripping off her little face! I've put a small half shell of the mix into each of my three tanks, and Phantom, one of my small ruggies who recently molted, had found the one in his tank within ten minutes and was chowing down. Given the number and size of my crabs, I may not even have to freeze it. I'm thinking about putting the extra back in the baby food jar and just keeping it in the fridge. If they eat all of it that's in the tanks tonight, it should only take them another day or two to finish off the whole jar! Thanks for this idea, it's easy, cheap, and a great way to give the crabs a little more variety in their food, as well as some extra nutrients!

Good to point out additives, like corn starch maybe used as a thickening agent in some baby foods. So PLEASE read the ingredients! I always offer a buffet every night. This can include: Bloodworms, brineshrimp,Krill, Plankton, spiruline, fruit and flower mix, Hikari-Crab? Cuisine, Gardener's Hermit Crab Food, coconut, powdered oyster shells, natural baby foods, eggs, meat, fish, Kashi cereal, oak leaves/bark and this list could go on forever. But every night I set out a variety to choose from. I keep my petal and morter by my food. Good to point out their wild instincts. They are indeed scavengers and will eat rotting/dead/stinky things! I hope no one assumes that babyfood should be their only food. Remember that variety is very important to their diets.

Hi All I just got my crabs and they have taken right to the natural baby food, hawaiin delight was served last night with hermit crab meal and some algae discs and they came running for it. now my little guy is down I think it is destressing time for him, I just got them 2/3 and the strawberry is still checking things out, loving the salt water (something he probably hasn't seen in a while) and munching on chicken and pears (breakfast, yum!!)

Mine seem to like the freeze dried fruits made by Gerber I think... my rabbit loves them too. :-)

Ok, so I know that alot of people on here give their crabs baby food, but every time I read the ingredient labels... it's not "pure". For example, take banana baby food. The ingredients are like bananas, water, citric acid and Vitamin C (absorbic acid is what it's called I think). So my question is: are the citric acid and absorbic acid (Vitamin C) ok to feed the crabs since they are ok for babies (even in stage 1 baby food)??
Also, I read it is ok to feed them things from outside like grass, tree leaves and all. How far can I go with this? I have all sorts of trees in my yard, (blueberry, pear, plum, percimon (sp?), oak, sycamore, etc.). Which of these types of tree leaves are ok to feed to my crabs? The last info about the tree leaves is that we have people come and spray for bugs (termites, roaches, etc.) every so often but it's close to our house, the trees are probably at least 300 feet (the plum, pear are way farther about 1,000 feet+) from the spray. Is it still ok to feed the leaves to them? Thanks so much for all of the help. I'm always trying to do the best for my hermit crabs!!

For baby foods, please read this whole thread.
As for using leaves, grass, etc. any where near where pesticides/insecticides have been used I would suggest not using them. (this is what is highly recommended) 300 feet isn't that far when it comes to poisons, especially when one considers runoff water when it rains and such. (plus what the 'breeze' may cause to linger elsewhere as well.)

Back when my first baby was born, there wasn't such a thing as "Natural" or "Organic" baby food, so I made my own. There are these cool little things called baby food grinders you can buy. Then, when you're eating your organically-grown apple, you just pop a slice into the grinder and give it to the crabbies.
We have a very large family and very limited freezer space, so using the freezer for little blobs of crab food isn't going to work here. But making fresh food preserves more of the nutrients anyway.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, I'm just wondering, I've seen Gerber's brand mentioned once, and Organic mentioned a whole Organic a brand and/or type too?(I'm new to both baby food and America so I'm not used to all the brand names yet!)A specialty store seems to get mentioned too, again I'm new to America and married to a wonderful man who has never set food in a specialty food/health(?) store in his life! Is natural/organic baby food only available in that kind of place?
I'd like to try this, I mentioned in another topic that refrigerating food is going to be tricky for me but give me a few hours on any day of the work week and I could probably get away with freezing the food and wrapping it cutely in saran wrap and then putting it neatly in a ziplock....
Oh hey, is coloured saran wrap bad for crabs?I've never seen it before in my life and all they have here is purple. Anyway if it is bad in any way then i don't want it in contact with their food.

Organic just means that it is created without pesticides, chemicals or genetically modified fruit/veg. It use to be that Earth's Best was the only organic baby food brand but in the last year or two Gerber (the main babyfood brand in the US) started an organic line and you should be able to find it just about anywhere.
Colored saran should be just fine!

If you have a WalMart? in your area, they have a section too for organic baby jarred and dry foods as well. (as with many chain food stores)

Do you guys have trouble keeping the baby food from drying out by the next morning? I served it a couple of times and they seemed to like it, but in the morning it was all dried out and caked up. bleck!

Since making a lot of baby food for my daughter, I realized something I had forgotten, baby food is often as much as 50% water. Do we know what types of water is being used? If we were to find out it was not dechlorinated would it make a difference?

Tue Oct 09, 2007
Good point, and I asked this a couple years ago and never got a reply back. I took the initiative to e-mail myself and asked this and didn't get a reply to it either from the companies. So since the subject has arisen again, we know that the chlorine in tap water will blister the hermies gills, what would happen internally when they ate it? And ok, one can leave a jar sit opened in hopes of the chlorine dissipating, but what about the chloramine and the heavy metals?

I would imagine if they are trying to sell it as organic then that would mean the water as well. It's worth an email campaign to the makers of these foods to get an answer. If no answers are received, then they will at least notice the concern and maybe look into their products for chlorine.

I noticed they sell distilled water in the nursery section at Walmart, and I noticed some at HEB as well (different brand, with flouride added). I think it'd make sense if they did use some sort of distilled water in their organic foods... still it'd be good to hear it from them instead of assuming and guessing.
My crabbies ignored the baby food I offered them, so just as well I suppose!

__~~#FF0000:NOTE: As of June 3, 2008 there has not been a reply from a baby food manufacturer to confirm what type of water is used in preparing their food, be it organic or non organic.


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