sad my hermie shadow died i got him from my cousin to take care of because he couldnt and he was doing good for about 3 weeks and he just died 2 days ago i think he was really stressed. My temp and humidity is fine and none of the others are acting strange. crying im so upset does anyone think they know why it happened sad
they get plenty of food and i change it out every day and it was 5 crabs in a 35 gallon aquarium


First I am sorry for your loss. I really can not say why your crab died. Sometimes they just do. Like people they can seem fine one day and the next they are gone.

If everything in your tat is as it should be it could just be you inherited an ailing hermie. Don't beat yourself up over it. Learn from it. Use it in a positive way.


Grabby, sorry about your little one! Hang in there and get back to us asap so we can help you and your hermies out.


grabby I am sorry for your loss.

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