cry Well unfortunately we lost our biggest E this week, his name was Hagrid as he was by far our biggest crab we have ever had. cry We are not sure what happened but we believe he was trying to molt, which would have been our first surface molt, and something went wrong. confused He appeared to be healthy and we have had multiple molts, so it could have been something when we got him. We had not had him for very long, maybe about 2 months or less, and now he is gone. cry


=I'm Sorry= =Rest in Peace= :hug:


Sorry about Hagrid, but glad to hear Pearl's doing well.

And then there were 12
cry Not a good day for our crabby family. We lost our second crab in a month during his molt. We lost Herbie our biggest Ecuadorian tonight, after being buried for almost a month we decided to check on him and as soon as we moved the sand we got a wiff of the dreaded fish smell, I have come to hate. cry We will miss Herbie, this makes 2 in a month, but on the flip side our other molters were moving today and we had 2 successful molts last week. smile Sometimes I just have to remember that try as we might sometimes these guys were so badly treated that no matter what we do it just isn't enough to save them. At least he had a chance at a healthy and friendly atomsphere even if it wasn't his true home, it was still better than the petstore.


:heart: flower Sorry about your loses. As you said, at least he had a better life while you had him, vs. the petshop. On the flip side...congrats on your successful molts! Keep up the good hermie dad work!

Gone but not forgotten!!!
It was a rough night for my family last night. cry We were on a high after 2 of our crabs had their first successful molt with us smile , but we found our "baby" micro E named Cooper, didn't make it through his molt. He had been down for a couple of weeks at least and we had seen no signs of movement of any kind from where we knew he was so we investigated a little, and as soon as we moved the sand a little bit we got that awful fishy smell and we knew then. R.I.P. Cooper cry We didn't have him long but we grew attached quickly, he was the first one we lost during a molt, and the first we lost since we learned the correct way to take of our crabs, so we were a little surprised as well. Now we will be on the lookout around our area stores for another micro. Cooper will be missed!!!


=Rest in Peace= =I'm Sorry= for your loss... It's a sad day when we loose any pet.. My heart :heart: goes out to you . flower


Sorry to hear about Cooper! Hope all goes well with Pearl and your other guys. flower

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